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How We Got Here

BOTI Studios is an Art & Meditation Community, sharing conscious entertainment and learning experiences from the heart through events. #PracticingTheArtOfHappiness


The acronym, BOTI, stands for Beautiful On The Inside and this is our goal, to bring the best from within, out. Our Meetups propose a variety of activities and use many unique modalities for community participation.

Sound Baths, Drumming, Psychic Readings, Creative Activities, Dance & Movement, Group Conscious Meditations, Networking, Speakers, Workshops are just a few.

We invite you to join our active community today by subscribing to our newsletter. Our events when in-person are based on space available and is first booked first served, limited and we always fill up fast. If limits have been reached, we offer a wait list.

Currently we are offering specific sessions by appointment only in-person and are enjoying our virtual community!

BOTI is an acronym for Beautiful On The Inside; inside our community center we have a variety of wellness providers and spiritual awareness practitioners available for sessions.

We would not be complete without mentioning our Metaphysical Retail Boutique.

If you are looking for Crystals, Jewelry, Sprays, Oils, Sage, Sacred Tools, Quick in-person readings, Healing Arts, Tarot, NSA Chiropractic, Feng Shui, Financial Literacy Sessions, or a VibroAcoustic Sound Lounge, Far Infrared Sauna, PEMF Mat, experience we have this, too and so much more!

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