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Sat, Dec 11


BOTI Studios

Elohim Alchemy Transmission: Angelically Encoded Energy, Light and Sound

This is a divine transmission of energy and consciousness from the Archangels offering powerful spiritual alignment, evolution and growth.

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Elohim Alchemy Transmission: Angelically Encoded Energy, Light and Sound
Elohim Alchemy Transmission: Angelically Encoded Energy, Light and Sound

Time & Location

Dec 11, 2021, 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM PST

BOTI Studios, 607 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805, USA

About the event

Elohim Alchemy Transmission: Angelically Encoded Energy, Light and Sound

Encircled by the Archangels within sacred space, they transmit a divinely encoded, energetic alignment and transmission of Light, Consciousness and Sound through Vox Angelus (Phyllis Anne Douglass), who is an embodied conduit and instrument of the Elohim. The Energetic Alignment Transmissions offered by the Elohim, help guide you into higher states of consciousness towards liberation from the past, healing and transmutation, and your true nature of being as an eternal, and powerful Creator of this life.

Participants with experience a silent 30-minute Energetic Alignment Transmission, followed by an encoded and frequency-based Vocal Alchemy Transmission by Vox Angelus; transmitted in Angelical Light Language and hauntingly accompanied by El Larson's Modular Synthesis and Acoustic Vibrational Sound.

Tickets are available for both IN-PERSON and 0N-LINE participation.

Please arrive between 5:30pm - 6:00pm to set your space and settle in. We will begin promptly at 6:00pm, and admittance will not be allowed during the silent Energetic Alignment Transmission.

This is what I know. The time has come to take full, and complete ownership of the gifts we have been blessed to carry forward into this lifetime, and to shine gloriously and unapologetically; so that we are the beacon of Light we are meant to be to guide and illuminate the path forward for others. I am not a “Sound Healer”. I am a true Alchemist, and my use of Sound, is the creative tool of expression for the force of Infinite Source within. These vehicles we have chosen within which to experience this life, are instruments of Infinite Source, and innately capable of self-healing, expansion, and spiritual ascension.

Thereby, we have the freedom and power to create the magic and miracles which are the sustenance of this co-creation of life within this present moment, that nurtures and aligns our future.

This is why I am here. This is why any of us is here. And this is why I've been guided to create these opportunities and energetic passage ways, for those who choose to answer the call and longing of their Soul presence.

What is an Energetic Alignment Transmission:

With the help of the Conduit/ Channel, Celestial beings known to humanity as "Archangels" bring through alignment, wisdom and the pure energy and love of creation to those receiving the transmission. This enables greater spiritual awareness, higher levels of consciousness, healing, and a deeper sense of peace and presence that can support one’s life and awakening process. Each time you attend something different is received, or is activated on a higher level. No two events or experiences are ever the same. The work is accumulative and transformative.

This work is made possible through Phyllis's deep authority and connection with the Angels of the Elohim, and through her work as a practitioner of the Ascension One Collective with the support of Asil Toksal, the Ascension One Team, and what is referred to as The Channel, through which these celestial guides come.

About the Alignment:

"The alignments that we will provide will deliver that which is needed in the moment, that which your capacity can receive in this moment. Alignments are directly correlated to the well-being of your mind, the well-being of your heart, the well-being of your physical form, as well as the well-being and capacity of your energetic-spiritual construct."

These moments of alignment “allow realizations to occur, moments of silence, moments of introspection, moments of contemplation, and will allow the realizations to fully emerge and integrate. Therefore, it is moments like these that carry importance for realizations to fully arise, to fully land, and to complete an important learning cycle within you, within all of humanity.” — Elohim

Where does the energy come from?

It comes from “higher planes of existence that have chosen to support humanity on this path of Ascension. It will be forms of consciousness like myself [Emmanuel], forms of consciousness as Raphael, Michael, Seraphim, Cherubim, Elohim, as well as many other angelic, archangelic forces beyond words established.” — Emmanuel

What to Expect During the Transmission:

For these events, you may remain seated, or bring whatever will make you comfortable lying on the floor. Please keep yourself hydrated, and bring a closed container of water. It is required that you not partake of any drug that is not prescribed, plant medicines, nor drink alcohol 24-hours prior to your attendance, due to the nature of this event.

When the energies begin to flow through, people have a wide range of experiences ranging from visceral energy, subtle physical movements, rising emotions, sensation of heat or cold, tingling throughout the body, visualizations of colors, guides, and loved ones who have passed, tiredness, to no particular experience at all. Whether you experience anything or not, the energy is working and will have effects on your system. Just be present to your experience. Even if you don’t consciously experience something, you are nonetheless receiving the energy.

Know that you are directly supported by energies helping you into greater physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual alignment.

What does greater alignment feel like?

"Alignment is sensed as a stronger presence within you, as a stronger stability, as a stronger foundation within you. Alignment is perceived as health, as energy, as love, as well as a natural flow of energy. Peace within, harmony, balance, content, fulfillment, are all expressions of strong alignment."

Physical Benefits:

"Physical benefits allow a flow of energy and life force, the optimal functions of the body to be invigorated by these adjustments. Healing on a physical form will then become prevalent, and the self-healing qualities of the form will start to initiate."

Mental Benefits:

"Mental benefits allow you to perceive in a wider perspective, allow you to reach altered states, and to reach higher forms of consciousness with more ease, and allow the rigid structures established through conditioning and experiences of the past to soften."

Emotional Benefits:

*"Emotional benefits of Alignments "allow you to observe all of existence as an expression of the love of creation; allow you to truly receive on the full potential of this creation, of its love for you; allow the softening of the emotional constructs that have been established through the many experiences deemed and judged to be negative, to be difficult, to be threatening."

Energetic Benefits:

"Energetic benefits of Alignments allow you to operate in this plane, as well as in higher planes, with ease; allow your energetic body to expand, to reach higher potential, to reach its full potential, to become a solid foundation, a solid space for your evolution, for your self-realization journey."

Why is greater alignment important?

~ "Alignment is the foundation for greater levels of presence."

~ “Alignments of your heart, alignments of your mind, alignments of your body, of your energetic and spiritual construct, all of these parts of you, once they receive deeper alignment, they will provide for a stronger foundation of presence.”

~ “And, as realizations continue to emerge on a continuous basis, as realizations continue to bring forth completions, the level, the depth, and the quality of your presence increases.”

Why is greater presence important?

~ "Our presence is where the power of our conscious creatorship resides."

~ “You are the power that you seek — it is all within you and accessible to you. Only the deepest moments of presence will allow you to access this power, the deepest moments of silence; a power that is innate, intrinsic, yours, that you can never be severed from.”

~ "The depth and quality of your presence is where all your power comes together.”

About the Vox Angelus:

Vox Angelus (Phyllis Douglass) is a Vocal Alchemist and Musician, Author, Seer, Spiritual Healer and Bodyworker, and Woman of Knowledge in the tradition of Toltec Shamanism and Magick. She has communicated directly with Angels serving as guides, teachers, and protectors since she was a young child. She speaks and sings in the Angelical Adamic Language, known as the first language, which is frequency-based and recognized on a Soul level. Phyllis is also a practitioner of The Ascension One Collective, as a Pillar of Light in Service (POLIS), who has been attuned to the work and empowered to offer the energy of the guides, having completed the requisite courses and initiations. Connect @

About El Larson:

EL LARSON is a certified sound practitioner and wellness designer who uses ancient Himalayan singing bowls and modular synthesis to create a space where people can release, recalibrate and regain deeper perspective. She embraces her dichotomies to deliver ancient healing modalities with a modern approach.

El has studied and practiced healing modalities for over 20 years, and is certified in sound healing, Reiki, Ayurveda, BTB Feng Shui, and the WELL and Fitwel building standards. Her personal practices include several limbs of yoga, martial arts and shamanism. Connect @

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