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Fri, Jul 23


BOTI Studios

Full Moon in Aquarius, Cacao Ceremony and Meditation Release

The age of Aquarius is is our social awareness, friends, groups. When our hopes for the future rest in how we release the past experiences.

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Full Moon in Aquarius, Cacao Ceremony and Meditation Release
Full Moon in Aquarius, Cacao Ceremony and Meditation Release

Time & Location

Jul 23, 2021, 7:00 PM PDT

BOTI Studios, 607 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805, USA

About the event

Full Moon in Aquarius, Cacao Ceremony and Meditation Release Moon Magic and Astrology Guided Imagery, Harmonic Frequency Meditation Cacao Ceremony Nitric Oxide Breathwork Fire Ceremony

Join us for our Full Moon Rituals of cleansing and release with Lucinda and Master Jeff, at BOTI Studios. BOTI stands for Beautiful On The Inside. Our focus, Unconditional Love, tapping into Divine Creation Source Energy.

With La Luna positioning in Aquarius on the 24th along with Saturn whose Rx, this may prove to be a time to really look at our hopes and wishes for the future. A time to release stuff that we say we are done with and take it up a notch.

What are you ready to share with the moon goddess that she will gladly accept and transmute into light for you? What can Gaia do to support you further than she already has? Powerful questions you may wish to ask during your meditation.

Maybe you just need to quietly let go of what isn't working. Maybe you are not sure of what you want and are very sure of what you don't want! A brief overview of the planetary alignment and its current FX and how La Luna is here to shine Her Light even brighter for us to see.

Enjoy as we connect with the vibration of Unconditional Love using a variety of tools at our disposal. Sound, light and frequency. Crystal patches, oils, Mantras and Mala beads, tapping into ClairEssence Energy Magic. This is a full experience.

Lucinda will illuminate our current transits with an Astrology Report. Find out who is helping who and how much longer will we be in this deep planetary energy of exploration. Lucinda connects to Creation Energy, the heart of ClairEssence Energy Magic.

She is an alchemist of quantum energy and has an inherent working knowledge of the law of attraction. It most definitely is a time of reflection. Finding the proverbial light within you and sharing it out into the world.

Wait until you experience Ritual, Ceremony and Connection to Divine!

Cacao ceremonies are centuries-old ritual. Cacao medicine is seen as the ultimate Heart-opener. In addition to being packed full of vitamins, minerals, cacao increases blood flow & nutrition to the brain which helps to strengthen awareness and focus (Nootropic). It assists the body to heal, detoxify and give your immune system a good boost. It improves mood, heightens meditation, develops a scared pathway to creativity.

Infused by Master Jeff’s special protocols, it increases connection with your Higher Self. Sacred Cacao brought together in a communal gathering of sacred circle, music & interactive conversation, allows reverence of the medicine to bring forth a blissful state that Master Jeff and his healing knowledge combine for the optimal healing & Transformation. Master Jeff’s sacred cacao facilitates clearing of deep psychological, emotional and spiritual blocks to get to the root of any emotion or spiritual Shift. It is the ultimate profound superfood.

Master Jeff’s Cacao preparation protocols include anti-parasitic infusions, heavy metals detox, ridding the body of parasitic matters and Nano particles from V’s and it’s shedding through transmission.

This is beyond biohacking!

A word about the Cacao from Jeff:

The Raw Cacao we use in Our Sacred Cacao Ceremony, is by far the best. Wild, Butter, Nibs, Paste and Powder: Certified Organic - Kosher -Exceeds Fair-Trade - 100% Raw, Sun-Dried. Grown in the Andes, high–elevation highly mineralized volcanic soil and phytic acid free.

Me personally I Eat and Drink this Cacao daily. Part of my Spiritual Routine!


• Brought down from the mountainous regions via donkey back.

• Organic Certified, Kosher Certified • Exceeds fair trade standards.

The 100% Arriba Cacao is derived from pure Heirloom Ecuador Arriba Nacional Cacao beans. This cacao is grown in high-elevation volcanic soil that is brought down from the mountainous regions via donkey back. The True Arriba Cacao trees are a minimum of 30 years old, and some have been growing for more than 80 years!

We guarantee the purity of our 100% Arriba cacao by selecting the pods personally by hand and we never acquire product from aggregators. There is therefore no possible blending of beans with the CCN51 or other low-quality hybrids that are pervasive in the area. We only harvest the beans when they are fully mature and ripe. Because we have such a pure quality cacao bean, you will have zero jitters from this product.

There is a complete lack of mycotoxins, mold, yeast, and fungus, which are what cause the adrenal response of jitteriness that is like caffeine stimulation in many cacao products. Instead, our cacao beans help to create a cosmic conscious connection and cause pineal gland expansion. They have a deep, intense, raw chocolate flavor. The True Arriba cacao trees are only nourished from rainwater or deep mountain spring water. They are never irrigated from potentially contaminated rivers and streams.

The cacao is processed in our own state-of-the-art facility on custom artisan equipment that has never seen any other cacao but our own, so there is no possible integration with lesser quality cacao. The cacao beans are always sun-dried and are never gas dried. The cacao remains 100% raw from start to finish. This is a true from "Pod to Powder" facility!

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