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Thu, Nov 16



The Beauty of You - A Compassion Filled, Self Love, Self Care, Series

Beauty. Inside, outside. Is it perception, aesthetic, or can it be a force of nature? We will explore how to get in touch with this beauty.

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The Beauty of You - A Compassion Filled, Self Love, Self Care, Series
The Beauty of You - A Compassion Filled, Self Love, Self Care, Series

Time & Location

Nov 16, 2023, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Anaheim, 607 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805, USA

About the event

The Beauty of You

A Compassion Filled, Self-Love, Self-Care, Series

Are you finding yourself moving toward a healthier version of you? Are you wishing to change the narrative of the story you are currently living, or do you wish to amplify a great connection?

Welcome to self-care that is easy to practice on your own. Learn about self-love, what that may mean to your body health, how to get in touch with your emotional body, and process your experiences in a health-conscious way.

Learn to set boundaries, understand the flow state, and step into your empowerment.

What are your core values? What is the narrative of your life in your head? Learn how to create a different lifestyle change in small yet impactful values.

Lucinda - February - June - October - Spirituality

Acceptance Is Key

To whom we are and our peace of mind. Spirituality is in our everyday beliefs. When we understand that our whole experience is spiritual and surrender to this shift, we can experience the deep abiding unconditionality the universe has for each of us. Bringing about a sort of becoming. In this acceptance, we embrace our wholeness, generating a sense of wellbeing throughout our body, mind, spirit, and energetic self. A state of being. Free to experience unconditional love.

This will be an energetic shift into personal awareness.

Lucinda Collis, Spiritual Philosopher & Quantum Energist

Hannah - March - July - November - Earth Connection

Crystals and Healing

Hannah d'Or represents a passion to heal others through light, love, and divine guidance using crystals, reiki, and song.

Hannah bat Avraham v'Sarah, is my Hebrew name. The inspiration for Hannah d'Or, the name divinely given to me, translates to Grace of the Golden Light.

My spiritual journey really began in my twenties with the discovery of Judaism and Kabbalah. In addition, I have always enjoyed working with natural materials, crystals, and gemstones since I was little. Over the years, this transformation evolved connecting deeper within my personal God and Divine Source.

My hope for each of you is to find the divine spirit within and connect.


Hannah d'Or

Jen - April - August - December - Empowerment

Honoring Sacred Space

In this class we’ll explore how to create and maintain healthy boundaries so that we honor our sacred space. What is sacred space? Sacred space is that part of ourselves that is for us, and us alone. It’s a space where we can truly be free to be ourselves without apologies or obligations. Why is this important? If we do not take the necessary steps to create this space with healthy boundaries, we can suffer from a lack of self-identity & purpose. It can manifest into people pleasing where we are constantly doing for others without refueling. It can feel like burn-out. It can feel like being taken advantage of. When we dial into sacred space, we connect with our soul & higher intuition. We build new confidence in ourselves based on who we truly are in our soul beings. We can then take action in our daily life with the knowledge that the steps we will be doing are aligned with our greater purpose. It’s a powerful place to be!

This class will incorporate a mini-guided meditation, short journal exercises and group coaching by a Certified Transformational Life Coach.

Jen Pearlman, Intuitive Life Coach & Quantum Alchemist

Tara - May - September - Jan - Health & Wellness

Your Journey Toward Functional, Holistic Health and Wellness

Trauma and “dis-ease” are not always easy to spot, especially within us. Even when we do understand that we need help, the road to healing is often much more difficult than we anticipated. This makes the journey toward personal health and wellness an intricate process, and one that cannot be rushed.

Dr. Tara Rasta is a chiropractor in Anaheim, CA who specializes in Functional Wellness and Network Spinal Analysis. Dr. Tara Rasta’s mission is to help people break away from repetitive patterns that cause dis-ease and keep the individual away from living their life’s purpose.

Our approach to each individual’s health is multidimensional. This supports the spine through network spinal analysis, biological pathways through functional medicine, and social networks through the creation of a community of people who want to become healthier together.

Dr. Tara Rasta uses Network Spinal and Functional Wellness as one of her tools to address the underlying causes of disease rather than just focusing on the symptoms. Dr. Tara received her B.S from UCLA in Psychobiology and Neuroscience; she earned her doctorate in chiropractic from SCUHS and studied functional medicine as she was finishing her doctorate.

Looking forward to answering your questions and bringing in supportive practices toward your health and wellbeing.

Dr. Tara Rasta

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