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First, let me thank you for being. It is not often we receive gratitude for the parts we play in other people’s lives and I wish to acknowledge you for being a part of mine in this moment. You are love. I love you. It is my wish for you to receive that which you need most to feel a part of this grand life experience.

You are unique. There is no one else that is exactly like you. Similarities are what bring us together and can keep us a part. I encourage you to celebrate your individuality in its fullest compliment and good health, prosperity, and abundance represented in that feeling of satisfaction. You are enough.

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We can schedule in-person here or there, on zoom or telephone. You just let me know what you would like to do for your comfort. Next, my certificates are ambiguous at best, so what is it you are desiring? I am tapped in tuned in turned on a good bit of the time and communicate with a variety of consciousness, infinite intelligence, creation, ClairEssence energy magic and I practice quantum alchemy.

I have been practicing directly through a variety of avenues for over forty years and indirectly the rest. I came in awake and have been “aware & in communication with “God” Esoteric Divinity” consciously from the age of about 22 months but remember coming into the womb. Religious studies and practices as well.

I have an extensive Etheric Team that supports and provides a protective environment which allows me a direct connection with ClairEssence Energy Magic & Creation for access in unconditional love that is channeled intuitively through me. This creates a shift in consciousness.

I provide private sessions such as mind-blowing Storybook Tarot Card Readings, Voice Channels & harmonizing energy in the light body/aura/chakras/meridian systems, crystal, and art therapy in Mandala drawing & energy meditations and much more.

As an Ordained Minister/Reverend I perform couple commitments, baptisms, and life celebrations. I provide intuitive Astrology sessions. Special sessions with a combination of all my available divination tools, are listed as “The Kitchen Sink with ClairEssence”. I have been blessed with Light Language from birth, which a form of communication with the cosmos in an ancient practice and am a natural Energy Healer.

ClairEssence Alchemy is a certification profile for ClairEssence Energy Magic, an energy recently brought forward from creation during a channeled meditation with my guides. I am a Certified Usui Ryoho & Crystal Reiki MT with Lisa Powers, Certified Crystal Reader with Judith Lukomski & Doreen Virtue, Two styles of Shamanic Rites through Sharon Ramel, Certified Psychic & Tarot Mastery with Sal Jade, Certified Feng Shui studies with Master Dawn Lane. I have CEE credits in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Art Therapy, Qi Gong, Astrology, Numerology.

Founder of BOTI Studios in Anaheim, an art and meditation studio featuring Holistic Wellness Sessions, Metaphysical Shop and Spiritual events.

I can be reached at: 714-220-8351 or or BOTI Studios 607 S. Harbor Blvd. Anaheim, CA 92805

PS: One day I wrote a note to myself and take it out every so often and reread it as a reminder…

Note to self’s me, been a while and I just wanted to reach out and tell you how very special you are. How you make me smile that quirky smile when I think of your laugh or hear a giggle close by.


I want to impress you with lengthy quotes of love and prose of gratitude for who you’ve become and who you’re yet to be.


Thank you for taking me on this magnificent adventure called life with all the ups and downs you seem to get through with such confidence you hardly break a sweat.


I know the truth. That sometimes you shake inside like a little girl, frightened and alone, hoping against the insurmountable odds you are facing that everything will be ok.


I’m here to tell you, it already is. Thanks for being so fricken awesome! Thank you for not giving up. Thank you for being you to the fullest without apology. Most of all, I thank you for being one of God’s miracles every day you wake.


Many Blessings, Lucinda

Thank you God for making me a miracle❤🌟🔥

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